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INNOCENT Reggae Band is Minneapolis No.1 Roots Rock Reggae band, it comprise of 5 members.

innocent reggae band

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Innocent was born and raised in Tanzania, East Africa. While in Tanzania, he performed with various African bands but it wasn't until he heard Bob Marley's album KAYA that he realized his destiny was Reggae. The message was just too powerful and he instantly realized that he could use Reggae to convey his own message but in a very African way. In 1989, Innocent moved to the United States and formed the group Les Exodus and quickly earned a name touring the United States. Les Exodus opened for famous acts such as The Wailers, Judy Mowatt, Sister Carol, Wailing Souls and more.

Kilimanjaro, a ten-track CD with all original compositions was Innocent and Les Exodus' first CD. Released in 1993, the CD received amazingly positive reviews. Reggae Report magazine voted Kilimanjaro one of the top ten independent releases of 1993 and Beat magazine gave impressive reviews. That same year the Minnesota Music academy voted Innocent Minnesota's best male vocalist and Les Exodus the best world beat band.

In 1996, Innocent released his first solo album Greetings from Africa. His first single Sote Ni Ndugu not only became the first Reggae song to claim the number one spot on Radio Tanzania but also stayed there for 8 weeks. Most of Innocent's songs are in English but he also sings in Swahili, his native language. Equipped with thought-provoking lyrics, a raspy voice, a guitar and a captivating stage presence, Innocent puts up quite an electrifying performance.

Shine Africa is Innocent's third album. This album, done in English and Swahili, is dedicated to African freedom fighters. Nelson Mandela, Nkruma, Azikiwe, Lumumba, Nyerere, Kenyatta, and many more. Winnie Mandela and all the African women fighters who don’t always get their due credit. Dedan Kimathi and the dreadlocked Mau Mau freedom fighters of Kenya, who fought the British with home made weapons and brought independence to Kenya, hope to a continent and inspiration to the Rasta movement.

Onesmo Kibira


Onesmo was born and raised in Tanzania, a beautiful East African country. My Music career began when I was young in Dar-es-Salaam ( The city of peace ) where I fell in love playing Bass guitar.
Started playing all kinds of music including African and also Reggae music.

I performed with various bands.

After my education abroad, I moved to United states in 1990. I played with Les exodus and did tours across the country.

Charles "Chilly" Petrus


Charles "Chilly" Petrus was born in St. Croix U.S.V.I and began drumming at the age of 4, adding his talent for bass and keyboards a few years later. Now a seasoned professional and a favorite on the Minneapolis reggae scene with the band “Les Exodus” , Chilly has performed and recorded with many local and national acts in the reggae community since the early 90's. From Ipso Facto to the late, great, Peter Nelson of "Shangoya", among countless others.

Chilly's studio 'Pepper Productions', has produced an impressive and eclectic body of work including Ed Robinson's "Innocent Man", & Thomasina Petrus', "If Only... Billie Unsung" a jazz tribute to Billie Holiday.

Chilly has played with Innocent since the early 90s and has performed and produced various CDs with Innocent. They have also travelled across the USA, playing for universities, colleges and bars all across the west coast.

Lance Pollonais


Lance was born in Trinidad where he started playing conga’s and various drums from an early age. At the age of 9 he learned the steel pan and joined a steel pan band that played and competed on a national level at the world famous Port of Spain Trinidad Carnival every year – Trinidad & Tobago is the home of Steel Drums & Carnival.

Lance moved to the USA in his late teens and joined Shangoya, a soca band that bought the sound of the Caribbean to cold Minnesota. He played steel drum and percussion, recorded several albums, working with Shangoya for over 15 years – at the same time refining his drumming skills and working with various reggae bands in Minneapolis with opportunities to tour across America.

Lance has played with Innocent since the early 90s and has performed on various CDs with Innocent. They have also travelled across the USA, playing for universities, colleges and bars all across the west coast.



Guitarist Deevo brings a wide array of musical background to any gig he's on, with performance experience ranging from R&B, jazz, reggae, funk, rock, gospel, and blues.

Born and raised in Chicago, he has come along way from the boy who used to walk to his music lessons a mile and half away while carrying his guitar in a Hefty bag. He is now based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Currently he is performing with Grammy Award winning group The Commodores. Also he performs with Grammy award winning The Sounds of Blackness, The Steeles, Sara Renner, TKO, AGAPE, Dan Kusz, Big Walter Smith, R-Factor, Fred Steele, JD Steele, Mallia Franklin, PKG, Wain McFarland(IPSO FACTO), Smokey Joes Cafe Musical, Always & Forever Musical, Birmingham Musical, Bella Diva, Diane Martinson, Rebekka Fisher, The Fonky Baldheads, GeVonne Ford, Gwen Matthews, Les Exodus, Innocent, Jodie Sellers, Best Kept Secret, The Kenni Holmen Quintet, Yolanda Bruce, NorthCoast, Ryan & The Rule, Woodland Hills Church, Calvary Lutheran, New Hope Evangelical, Speak the Word Church, Barbara Leshore, Best Kept Secret, as well as Producers Ben Obi, Kirk Johnson, Matt ..Dr.. Fink, and Ricky Peterson. Deevo also works as a producer and songwriter.

His career highlights include performances with Prince, Tramaine Hawkins, Tab Benoit, Alex Acuna, Abraham Laboriel and Cap..n Jack McDuff. Among his awards and honors are the 2006 LA Music Awards for Best Smooth Jazz Group and Best Smooth Jazz Single (with The Dan Kusz Band), Black Music Award..s Best R&B Group in 1996 (with The KAJ Orchestra); nominations by the Minnesota Music Awards for The KAJ Orchestra also in 1996; Les Exodus (Best Reggae Band Category in 2000); as well as for Big Walter Smith for Best Blues Band in 1992 and 1996.

917 Cedar Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 338-6425

Hon Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley OM
February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
And another, Inferior, Is finally
And permanently, Discredited And abandoned
Everywhere is war

That until there no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man's skin Is of no more significance than
the colour of his eyes - Me say war.

That until the basic human rights
Are equally guaranteed to all, Without regard to race -
Dis a war.

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