Long before Bongo Flava - there was Innocent and he is still at it. Innocent has produced over 5 albums. He is a Rasta man who has managed to produce music balancing both reggae and his Tanzanian roots.

His message is real and genuine, which you quickly pick up on when you talk to him. For example upon hearing his hit song "KILIMANJARO", one could think that the message is about the famous majestic mountain in Africa...but paying more attention you quickly realize that there is a heavy message with references to oppressive governments, corrupt officials and starving children. The song takes you to the highest mountain in Africa with visions of all atrocities going on underneath.

His true dedication to the message of international injusticies and the unpriviledged people in the world, makes Innocent a rare breed.

917 Cedar Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 338-6425

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